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  • Lush and Green are Fall and WINTER colors!

"It's a whole new Jericho every week" is something that our photographer has said many times over the past several years, and when he walked into the shade house this week... it was indeed a whole new Jericho. Wendy and the crew have done an amazing reset, bringing all of our broadleaf evergreens inside. The logical part of this plan is that plants in pots are more at risk from super cold temperatures than plants in the ground, but the emotional part is, well... LUSH. It just FEELS good to have so much life in sight!

Speaking of whole new Jericho, we've made a major shift in our specials this week, with the BIGGEST deal being an extraordinary selection of shrubs and xeric plants on a BOGO. Buy one, get one FREE, mix or match, from two huge display areas. You just gotta see it all on our SPECIALS PAGE!

Did you go to Balloon Fiesta? A lot of local folks have a "been there, done that, got the burrito" attitude... until they have company from out of town, which is what prompted Richard and extended family to make the trek from the Jericho parking lot to the fiesta grounds and soak it all in... and get soaked to the skin on the way back. Richard was really impressed with how happy and appreciative the pilots were to just BE here, even when they couldn't fly. We've talked about this before... something about community, tribe, family... being around people who just enjoy being around each other because they are in a special place and time. Balloonists and gardeners really DO have a lot in common. The fact that they both like hanging baskets is just the beginning!

Yes, it's time to winterize. Bears do it by gorging themselves on salmon so that they can survive the winter in hibernation. Smart gardeners do it by fertilizing with a blend that supports ROOT GROWTH. We have had so many people tell us what a noticeable difference that an application of our 5-20-20 this time of year made when their trees and shrubs came back to life in the spring! Pick up a few bags next time you stop by.

AWWW. A kitty!

And while we are on the subject of winterizing, let's talk about straw. We have a fresh supply of straw bales, which is both the cheapest and ugliest mulch that money can buy. Not a great choice for the lawn, but an excellent choice for the garden and compost pile, conserving both moisture and heat during the winter. It's also great for protecting outdoor faucets and "borderline" plants that might not be able to withstand a really cold SNAP.

We like fun. We are getting ready for our annual "TJ's Seed Sack" event on October 29th. A couple of food trucks, pumpkin judging, and more. Always a good time!

And this coming week is DEFINITELY a good time to come see us and take advantage of our incredible BOGO on shrubs, xeric, and... yeah... pinwheels. Every Christmas stocking will need one sticking out of the top, right?

See you soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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