Richard and Jennifer went for a walk in the neighborhood earlier this week. Not the one with the houses, sidewalks, and mailboxes. The REAL neighborhood.

If you haven't taken the time to enjoy the crisp sunny weather and vibrant leaves, you really should make the time. You won't have to go far to be where no mailboxes are.

You will be in good company. People breathing deeply, not talking much, hopefully not thinking much... just taking it all in, and appreciating.

"I love it here. This is home. I grew up here. I went to Valley High School. I live in the community, my business is in the community, I support the community." Richard recalled another person on the path spotting the logo on his shirt and recognizing him... "How's the nursery?" It didn't feel like a casual question. It felt like it was coming from someone who really understood the challenges of running a business that sells something besides gasoline, electricity, or groceries. Someone who knows that the inflated costs of necessities is causing a lot of people to be more judicious in their discretionary spending.

We just want you to know, as we shift the decor from orange to green, how much we appreciate it when you give us the opportunity to help you make your yard and garden your favorite place in the neighborhood. The one with the mailboxes.

We have firmed up the dates for our most popular two Gardening Seminars for 2023. On January 21, Amos Arber of the Albuquerque Water Authority will be teaching tree and shrub pruning, and on March 18, Marisa Thompson, New Mexico State Horticulturalist, will be teaching rose pruning. Reservations forms will be posted in December.

Gary and Alfredo have been working hard to prepare a special display area for LIVING CHRISTMAS TREES, which we expect to be delivered this coming week. We will have sizes from 2 gal to 20 gal in Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce, and Alberta spruce. Buy early for best selection, but a live tree should only spend a week in the house. Just put it on your porch and keep it watered until you put the full court press on DECORATING!

OREGON cut trees are once again available and we will have a huge selection this year, arriving before Thanksgiving, and we will once again be FLOCKING!

We have manure... and what you should do about it.

We just got a delivery of manure, leads the mind to wander into all matters prep. Aged manure is a great winterizer, top dressing for vegetable beds, compost pile activator, and even a mulch. Did this past spring catch you with a raised bed still in the "planning" stages? Great exercise to keep you warm on the colder days and we've got the soils and amendments you need to fill it and have it settled and ready by planting time.

Maybe don't be so NEAT this winter...

Give some consideration to letting the place get a little messy. Leaves make great habitat during the winter, and the birds and other critters looking for a meal will appreciate it if you do your major cleanup in the spring.

Why is this time of year the BEST time to plant perennials?

In addition to the fact that we're having the lowest prices of the year, there's a really good reason. Be sure and check out SPECIALS page for a clear answer!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon...

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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