We’re colder now than typically in mid January, but it’s not winter yet! “Cool season vegetables” are fine in the upper 20’s but the rules change in the lower 20’s so if you have frost blankets, straw, or other protection you’ll need to use it. If you NEED these items - we’ve got ‘em... and we've gotten a FRESH SHIPMENT of goodies you can plant, including some fantastic ROSEMARY! We're just in a cold SNAP... it's still FALL:

Be sure your hoses are disconnected from your faucets, buy some of our fragrant firewood, and enjoy being inside from the outside.

Our Living Christmas Trees are already here - fantastic selection!

Meanwhile, back at the Oregon tree farm, our cut trees are being loaded TODAY! Last year, due to heat and drought in the growing region, we had to get trees from eastern Canada, but Oregon farms are shipping again. We will have Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, and Nordman Fir, scheduled to arrive early next week. We STAND at the READY!

We just mailed a HUGE stack of letters to our Frequent Flower Club members with a valuable and timely coupon. Are you a member? CLICK TO SIGN UP

Running a “Mom and Pop” business provides a special perspective on Thanksgiving. The Hobsons are going to be inside with the wood stoves all toasty and they aren’t leaving the house! We hope you and your loved ones do what's special for YOU, whether it involves traveling to visit loved ones, or hosting a crowd, of just a day of peace and quiet and appreciation. Sometimes simply 'appreciating' can be a real challenge as we face personal challenges or (not recommended) watch the news. 

We appreciate great people and great stories, and if you have a moment, meet Bob Chapman and hear what he says... about LISTENING:

We hope you all enjoy a healthy and warm Thanksgiving, and we look forward to your next visit. A warm welcome awaits!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.