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Nobody knows more about Christmas trees than THIS guy! He sees MILLIONS every year... but what does he do with the other 364 days? Thankfully, he spends a lot of them at Jericho Nursery, and gave us an exclusive interview:

Mr. B: "What makes Jericho trees so special, especially THIS year?"
Mr. C: "Well, for one thing, they have some BIG trees. You can fly all over town and not find any in the 8 to 9 foot range."
Mr. B: "Well, that's a good point if you have a high ceiling, but what about the six to seven footers? I've seen them at the 'big box' stores like always..."
Mr. C: "And like always you have to load them yourself, give the trunk a fresh cut, and then figure out how many branches to cut off the bottom so you can stick it into one of those plastic stands, and then turn those painful thumb screws and waste an hour of potential Christmas Cheer before you can release the kids to start decorating! A Jericho tree is already displayed in a water filled stand that you can buy for $15 and take home with you and just hammer it back in the pre-drilled hole, and you're ready to decorate in the wink of an eye! And next year, you can trade in the stand for one that's got a tree in it!"
Mr. B: "Practically everything you buy is a lot more expensive than last year. What about Jericho trees?"
Mr. C: "You can get a nice six footer for under sixty bucks, and one of those BIG ones for $200, but you need to dash and prance right away if you want the best selection! My big day is just around the corner!"

Great trees in water filled stands, a fresh cut and nicely net bagged and tied to your vehicle! Other business people are telling us "You aren't charging enough." They just don't know what a CHARGE we get out of all this Christmas CHEER!


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Many minis...

Our popular "mini" size poinsettias in decorative pots have arrived! Great table decor, nook filler, gift for Teacher... get 'em while we've got em! 


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