January 2023 is presenting a unique opportunity to set the stage for the best gardening year you've ever had. Just look at the latest from weather.com; with delightful gardening days like this ahead, you can get a LOT done in conventional and raised beds,  and your compost will be very active long before it's warm enough to plant.

We are PREPARED to Hep you Prep!

We have a great supply of soils and soil amendments, including a great sale prices on three products that you are sure to need on hand:

BLACK GOLD SEEDLING MIX, formulated to give your flower and food seeds a great start when used in seed starting kits, cold frames, etc, and we have our 2023 seeds in stock with the best selection of the season! As you buy your old favorites, try some new varieties this year!

SURE GREEN GRASS AND WEED BARRIER, with Dithiopyr, a pre-emergent herbicide used to stop invading weeds and weedy grasses in lawns. It is one of the best weed and feed herbicides that won't kill your grass. It is also one of the best weed killers to prevent dandelions and other weeds such as crabgrass in your lawn.

ACIDIFIED (with sulfur) BACK TO EARTH COTTON BURR COMPOST is really the perfect compost for our area, with its alkaline soils. What makes it so special? Cotton pulls a lot of nutrients out of the ground, storing much nutrient value in the "bolls" which open to reveal the fluffy cotton for harvest. The boll tissue dries, and in the ginning process is segregated for compost. The BACK TO EARTH product is "raw", with pieces screened to 3/4". The decomposition process is started before the product is bagged, so it stinks. The bacteria are already at work, and once you mix it into your soil, the pieces are large enough that they decompose slowly and provide nutrients longer into the growing season. We LOVE this stinky stuff!

THE DEADLINE IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING to get SPRING BLOOMING BULBS in the ground, so we say IT'S TIME!! We have our remaining stock on sale at 75% off so we can make room for SUMMER bloomers... pick up your favorites and a bag of "BULB FOOD", which contains phosphorus. The bulb feeds itself during the initial bloom, but with phosphorus added to the planting process you're assuring a great return in spring of 2024.

We are prepped to help you prepare, too! We're gradually consolidating the plants in our new Seminar space, and have a fantastic schedule of gardening seminars coming up. Come learn from the experts!

We are really excited about 2023... we hope you join us for a great growing year!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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