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  • Take advantage of the weather, AND our huge sale on what you need NOW.

We continue hitting 50 degrees most days, the days are getting longer, the sun a little higher in the southern sky... just FEELS GOOD out there! If you haven't quite gotten motivated, we hope to help this week.

It's a great time to protect your trees and shrubs from two of their worst enemies: bugs and fungus. Spray Neem Oil to kill overwintering eggs and larvae; it's also effective against fungus, but Copper Fungicide penetrates plant tissue and is more effective. Yes, you can use both. But remember - they are PREVENTATIVES, not DAMAGE CONTROL and NOW IS THE TIME.


(Be SURE to disconnect the hose when you're done to prevent freezing your faucet.)


Later in the season, our display of perennials will be lush and colorful, just like the perennials in your yard. But now... not so much. Just like the perennials in your yard. 

We have a great selection of quart and gallon perennials on sale for HALF PRICE, and in reality they are highly favored to outperform the pretty ones that you may buy in the spring and summer. They have grown accustomed to cooler temperatures and respond like CHAMPS to getting in the ground with a little root stimulator and regular watering. Get TWICE the color for your money - buy and plant NOW.

For even BIGGER savings, check out our display areas of trees and shrubs at 75% OFF!

Start the seeds. Make the beds.

We have put together a great deal on seed starting kits, and have added more soils and soil amendments to our specials page. Ask your Gardening Angel for advice if you're doing something this year you've never done before, or would like to improve the results on something you've done for years. Speaking of education, check out our spring Gardening Seminars, starting January 21.

Trap the flies.

Fly Traps are among the fantastic deals you'll see on our clearance displays. Save up to 75% on things you're going to buy anyway - stock up.

Cut and Dried Live Edge Lumber from Baca's Trees now on display.

We installed some of our flagstone on the cash house entry. Watch what we do next in the name of inspiration and relaxation!

We're serious about making room for upcoming deliveries of plant pharmaceuticals, gardening accessories, and plants. Enjoy great savings and GREAT success with Jericho Nursery in 2023 - ALL YOUR YARD AND GARDEN NEEDS.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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