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"Only fools and foreigners predict the weather in New Mexico."

Jim Sais

But of some things, Richard Hobson is POSITIVE:

  1. We can have half a dozen of those seasons happen within the same week.
  2. We will have bouts of freezing temperatures until the middle of April.
  3. We will probably have one or more freezes between the middle of April and the middle of May.
  4. If you put a tomato or basil out in the next couple of months and don't protect it, it's gonna die.
  5. For the next ten days, the weather is PERFECT for what you need to be doing NOW:

So what should you be doing NOW?

Getting your questions answered! Our seminar on Saturday features Richard Hobson answering gardening questions. What's bugging you? What do you dig? If you can't get it at Jericho, where CAN you get it? Use the button below to register for this and the other four remaining seminars we have scheduled through April 1:

Starting seeds! We have seed starting kits as well as individual components, including several sizes of seedling mix, along with 2023 seeds from your favorite suppliers plus EXPERT ADVICE from your Gardening Angels! And YES, you can also do some DIRECT SOWING... we'll be glad to let you know exactly WHAT you can sow.

Preparing your soil! If you clicked on the 'REGISTER' button above, you'll see that we have a soil scientist conducting a seminar on February 25th. We also have found a really good local contractor who builds amazing raised beds... ask RICHARD!

Planting PERENNIALS! We have started receiving fresh stock, and we continue to have a great selection of "hardened" perennials as well. What's the difference besides the new stuff is colorful and pretty and the old stuff is ugly and half price? Get the guidance you need - ask a Gardening Angel!

Starting some cuttings from your houseplants! We have a new selection of containers specially designed to start cuttings from philodendron, pothos, Swedish ivy, wandering Jew, nephthytis, etc, as well as super concentrated nutrients for application to your existing house plants:

Getting a bargain on a SUCCULENT garden! We have a huge selection of decorative and easy to care for arrangements, brand new stock, and on sale at 20% off:

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Planting pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, dusty miller. We've got lots of fresh stock.

Planting COOL SEASON VEGGIES. We've got 'em, and the GUIDANCE you need to succeed.

Planting a tomato! Seriously. We got our first delivery of tomato plants, but the KEY is to create a protective environment using a Season Starter (Wall 'o Water). You really can have fresh home grown tomatoes on a BLT by Mother's Day, and we'll explain exactly how to do it. Have you seen our most popular video on this topic? CLICK HERE

And check out this shot of our new decorative clay pots... we've got plenty of house plants to go in 'em!

We are through the latest cold snap (and apologies to anyone inconvenienced by recent days of abbreviated store hours) and we are busy interviewing new potential Gardening Angels. We hire ATTITUDE and train SKILLS, and we are super excited about the folks we have interviewed so far.


Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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