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Yes, we took a hit... you probably got that SQUALL WARNING on your phone Wednesday afternoon. That's about the time that the entire covering was ripped from one of our hoop houses and our metal sign was given a painful crease.

Fortunately, the temps weren't low enough to cause any damage to the plants inside this and the connected structures, but even MORE fortunately, a team of Gardening Angels swooped in on Thursday morning and had the plastic replaced by mid day:

BIG THANKS to Jesse and Phil, who weren't even scheduled to work that day, and to Mr. Nong who is actually RETIRED from Jericho! And also to Gary and Scott who unloaded 50 cases of house plants while Wendy, Pam, and Ameerah kept the wheels turning in Customer Service. Here's a sampling of what we might have lost if it had been as COLD as some of the snaps we've seen recently:

Despite the time lost to the storm, we really did have an amazing week, with lots of COLOR and HERBS and VEGGIES coming in. Be sure you visit our home page to see a lot more photos. We also got 300 fruit trees, really NICE stock, including several choices of '4 in 1' cherries and apples.

"Special" doesn't always mean on sale... and this new stock is TRULY special, so you'll see more details on our Specials Page.

Want to improve a view without blocking it? We also got a few Jack Pear, the smallest ornamental fruit tree money can buy, 16' tall x 10' wide at maturity.

We are moving back to some warmer days, and we look forward to sharing our spring excitement with you when you visit again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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