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Spring shouldn't come as a shock. We get most of our bedding plants, herbs, and veggies from growers in warmer climates and they have been spoiled by being in a wholesale growing environment, not a place with customers coming in and out. For this reason, we keep our bedding house a little on the cool side. We want them to acclimate to the cold gradually, dramatically improving survivability.

On the other hand, we moved our "last season" perennials OUTSIDE this week. When you take them home and plant them, they are readyAsk your Gardening Angel to show you where they are. HALF PRICE too!

But the next ten days look pretty good! And absolutely PERFECT for getting cool season veggies, herbs, and annuals in the ground. We got several more deliveries this week - take a look at the updates on our home page.

Need more details and planning tips? Check out our March Gardening Calendar and see what else you can plant... and what you should be doing for your trees and shrubs now!

Back by popular demand: Variegated String of Pearls! And while we are on the subject of string theory, check out the String of Turtles and String of Dolphins!

We need to come up with a better name for this... but for now we call it the "overflow". It's the area where our Gardening Seminars take place, and we are setting up a checkout station inside to speed things up when things get busy!

Speaking of Gardening Seminars, don't miss Jennifer Hobson's presentation tomorrow on GROWING FOOD.

We're ready for the inevitable: SPRING. It's not an if... it's just a when, and we'll help you WIN in the garden again this year!

See you soon,

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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