The first trees to bloom in Albuquerque, ornamental pear, are beginning to burst on the scene, and we have several varieties in stock, including Cleveland, Javeline, and Jack. Spring is definitely springing, and there's a lot of fun to be had in the yard and garden. It's definitely time to turn your attention to your lawn.

Dethatch, aerate, and apply pre-emergent to prevent weed and crabgrass seeds from germinating, and sow cool season grasses like Bluegrass, Fescue, and Rye... or the popular Park Blend, which is a combo of all three. In New Mexico, "cool season" grasses are green ten months out of the year.

The color is stacking up, and we are staffing up in preparation for the truckloads and truckloads that are heading our way. You will see several new faces on your next visit. We hire attitude and train skills, and these notes from our recent team meeting will give you some insight into what these Gardening Angels in training are bringing into our lives this year.


We are pleased to announce that delivery and planting services are now available! Enjoy a cool glass of your favorite beverage and watch the experts do it!

Tune in to Garden Talk tomorrow for the latest updates and timely tips from Richard: 11:00 am on KKOB AM 770 and FM 96.3

No discussion of color at Jericho would be complete without a mention of these amazing new talavera designs. Be sure and browse on you next visit.

Our next Gardening Seminar has proven to be the most popular of the season, year after year: Rose Pruning by Dr. Marisa Thompson, NMSU Extension Horticulture Specialist happens on March 18th. Join us for tips on making the right snips!

Looking forward to seeing the spring in your step again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels


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