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We had quite a few visitors this week who had never been to Jericho, and this sentiment was often expressed. They got a taste of quality and selection and we look forward to having them back for a topping of service and knowledge as the season progresses.

The “climate of the week” has not altered our preparation for spring. Some of you may experience a little attitude interruption; if so, please visit Jericho for therapy at your earliest convenience.

We received TEN truckloads since our last newsletter, from bedding plants to trees and shrubs, soils, pots, and more. In case you didn't come to this blog post from the link on our home page, be sure and check it out to see the dazzling carousel of our most recent photos!

Last week, we. highlighted “first to bloom” ornamental pears. They are being joined now by fruit-bearing pears, plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots and soon flowering quince and flowering almonds. Albuquerque’s urban forest is touched by a lot of micro-climates, so take a drive around town on the next sunny day!

We’re excited about our upcoming Rose Pruning seminar this weekend, and fortunately we did get quite a few roses this week, including Ketchup & Mustard, Knockouts, Icebergs, Oranges 'n' Lemons, Mr. Lincoln, Cinco de Mayo, Austrian Copper, plus Don Juan and Blaze climbers. Our first big shipment of Weeks Roses is due in a couple of weeks... watch for our updated Rose List next Friday.

Do you ever get Plant Puzzled? You see something you really like but don't know what it is? Odds are 99.999% that we can identify it and almost as high that we will have it in stock. For example, one of our Santa Fe customers sent us this photo:

..and we just so happen to have a nice selection of Ivory Halo Dogwood.

It doesn't flower, but it does become filled with lush variegated leaves!

One thing about dreary days... we have plenty of time to help you identify plants as well as answer every gardening question you can think of!

See you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer & Your Gardening Angels

PS: We know you're wondering why we aren't hyping St. Patrick's day. So here goes:

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