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One of our Gardening Angels has been taking notes. We really work hard to provide unique shopping experiences for unique gardening experiences, and it was nice to get a report on what she heard from folks this week. Even the 9 year old who thought our kid's shovel was a little pricey... but he really enjoyed the fish and birds.

We have a proposal or two for you to consider...

Every business owner has to do a fair amount of guessing when it comes to inventory, and make occasional adjustments to even things out.

We did a cactus count and pondered the proportion of prickly pears.

We discovered a preponderance of peonies and perused the plentiful plethora of pansies at our place and a predicament was apparent. 

So we prepared a plan. Visit our Specials Page and see! Pretty please.

There's always room for something unique...

A window sill, an empty hook... a place beckons when you look...

Got one or two around the house? We have amazing displays from Live Trends of grab 'n go pre-potted plants and pre-planted pots! Slow down and browse - if not for yourself, then for the person you think of when you see something that makes you say "[first name here] would love that!"


Check out our new line of GrubbyGirl soaps and bath products! Whose birthday is coming up?

Hey Fella...

Get some citronella. Even if you aren't inviting bugs to the barbecue, be prepared to create an atmosphere they will hate - and your guests will love!

Our photographer went overboard...

It's impossible to see everything we have in a single visit, but we hope you find what you're looking for and a few things more. It can be a real challenge for our photographer to capture and display a good sampling, but we think he may have gotten pretty close this week. Be sure you visit our home page as well as our specials page, but most of all, come see it all in person soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.