We love being helpful. We have a lot of knowledge and we enjoy sharing it. But we have a similar position to that of your pharmacist when it comes to gardening chemicals. A product label is a federally regulated document and it is the user’s responsibility to read it and follow the directions. Yes, our opinion based on experience may be different and if somehow you are able to extract that opinion, it will most likely be a much more conservative approach to using the chemical than the BIG print on the label might indicate. We take your wellbeing seriously.

We will be receiving another 1,000 roses in a couple of weeks and we need to make some room, so we are putting roses on sale for a limited time. We hope you take advantage of it!

We are posting daily on our Instagram account, thanks to Chantelle putting her talent and time into the project and doing an awesome job. You don’t have to have an Instagram account to view the posts, just visit our “Gallery” page.

Wow. May already! In case you’re wondering what to do… check out our May Gardening Calendar.

We’re having a cooler April than usual, and we have a few “cool season” veggies at HALF PRICE! Small risk, big reward, pick up some while they last.

Albuquerque’s favorite trees are on sale this week… purple leaf plums and flowering pear.

Visit our SPECIALS page for details!

We’re podcasting! If you missed our Garden Talk program, now you won't miss it again! Catch up on our most recent episodes, and stay tuned!

Our photographer went a bit nuts this week. Have you seen our home page?

We look forward to seeing you again soon. You'll go nuts too.

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.