Is this your first time? 

We were asked: "I have never planted a rose before. What should I do? I don't want to screw it up..."

Our Weeks roses were delivered a month ago with very little budding and blooming apparent. We fertilized them with Bloom Max, and during the past week they have literally exploded. Bloom Max fertilizer is a 10-55-10 formulation, with the highest percentage of phosphorous that money can buy.

Phosphorous produces BIG BLOOMS, and the conditions that these roses have NOT experienced are also a huge contributing factor to the abundance, the size, and the color of the blooms. They haven’t seen 85 degrees, wind, and other elements that they WILL experience as the season progresses. Regardless of the factors that contributed, we are sure glad to see them showing their colors. 

So here's a basic primer for the budding rose enthusiast:

When you take the rose home, the first thing you should do is to cut off the blooms. Transplanting is a stressful experience, and it will be better for the plant to not also have to support blooms at the same time.

If this breaks your heart, just leave it on the porch for a week to ten days, watering every day, until the blooms wilt, then cut them off and plant the rose.

On the other hand, if you are planting right away you can enjoy fresh cut roses in a vase!

Regardless of your plans for the blooms, it’s important to select your cutting points carefully. Only cut just above a 5 leaf cluster, avoiding clusters that face into the plant. Each stalk can have multiple such clusters, and don’t be afraid to go halfway down the stem to keep your rose bush compact and full.

As with every tree, shrub, and perennial we sell, we recommend Root and Grow, which provides the hormone Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). The combination of Bloom Max and Root and Grow is a winner when it comes to getting your roses off to a great start.

Dig a hole two feet deep and twice the diameter of the pot. Combine an organic soil amendment, such as peat moss or compost such as Back to Earth, Peat & Sheep, or Mushroom Compost in a 50/50 ratio with the soil you removed, and apply root stimulator and Bloom Max according to package directions after you have backfilled the hole with the mixture. Use leftover soil to create a berm around the plant, water daily for two weeks, then every other day for 2 weeks, then 3 times a week.

If you are planting your rose in a container, you can use raised bed mix, but if you REALLY want amazing results, we recommend Ocean Forest. You can also use Ocean Forest when planting outside, but DO NOT mix it with soil from the hole… and it will need to be a big hole; 3 feet across and three feet deep.

Roses usually will bloom 3 times a year, sometimes 4. The first bloom is amazing because growing conditions have not been stressful. The second bloom is typically not as nice because of hot temperatures; the blooms are not as big and they fade faster simply because it’s HOT. But the third bloom cycle, in the autumn, can be as spectacular as the first.

More questions? Your Gardening Angel will answer them all during your tour of our rose garden!

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