… she wants a gift card or hanging basket from Jericho. BUT if she has a sense of humor, you might try a mother-in-law's tongue or even…

And of course, we have lots of…

So here’s an idea. Last week our article explained that you need to cut the blooms off a rose when you plant it. The blooms on these roses are HUGE, far bigger than those in a bunch from the grocery store. BUT imagine an arrangement that features one of these huge blooms, with a surrounding compliment of cut roses, perhaps to match the number of children and grandchildren? And of course, when you give a rose bush you’re giving dozens of roses for dozens of years. 

TJ’S SEED SACK pumpkin growing contest is under way! Come in and pick up your FREE pumpkin seeds and participate in our Seed Sack event in October.

INSTAGRAM SALE: Follow us on Instagram if you don’t already, and be on the lookout for some $10.00 OFF INSTAGRAM SPECIALS. All you need to do is show us the post on your phone. We’ll be featuring sansevieria (yep, mother-in-law's tongue), variegated rubber trees, and spider plants. Not an "Instagram Person"? No worries! Just go to our 'GALLERY' page on your phone and tap the image there!

Speaking of cool weather, relatively… it looks like we aren’t going to get above 85 degrees for another couple of weeks. This is not only very enjoyable for activities in your yard and garden, it’s a nice gentle transition for your plants. We are here to help you take advantage of it!

We continue to get truckloads of bedding plants, plus lots of new shrubs and trees, including crape myrtle, winter hibiscus, fruit trees, pampas grass, cannas, lavender and more. We sold out of a lot popular choices last week and we RESTOCKED. 

We have been so pleased with your response to our Monrovia brand plants this year; they set the quality standard in the industry and cost a little more, but the value comes through year after year. We usually order two shipments from Monrovia but so far this year we ordered SIX just to keep up with the demand for QUALITY.

It’s windy, it might rain, we’re super busy, etc… but yo MAMA don’t CARE. Come buy her something nice.

See you soon,

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.