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The safety of our customers and staff remains our top priority.


We just received confirmation that our shipment of fresh cut Oregon trees is on the truck and on the road! We expect them this weekend. In case you haven't gotten your tree from Jericho before, we are fanatics about freshness. Each tree that is displayed is given a fresh cut and set up in a water filled stand and kept fresh by our professional waterers. Then, when you pick your favorite, you get another fresh cut and we say "GO DIRECTLY HOME" and stand the tree up and keep it watered. The fresh cut begins to seal in about half an hour and we know you want to enjoy it as long as possible.

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Cedar Shavings

6 cu ft: $14.99

Pine Shavings

8 cu ft: $9.99

Straw Bales


Alfalfa Bales


Chicken Scratch

50#: $17.99

Layer Pellets

50#: $19.99

Whole Oats

50#: $19.99

Nutrena SafeChoice

Horse Pellets

50#: $24.99


Goat Chow

50#: $29.99


Manure Forks

Red, Blue, Black: $24.99


Manure Forks


Don't forget that every TUESDAY is SENIOR DAY, and Seniors get 10% off their entire purchase.
And EVERY day is a day we honor our active and veteran Military, with a 10% discount as well! Discounts may not be combined.

Hmmm... what's Richard trying to say here? Water and Rainbow Cactus. By all means, read on!

This time of year, it's really easy to forget and really hard to notice that you forgot to water your lawn, plants, trees and shrubs - so we're doing everything we can to get your attention. Some people are very cautious and winterize their drip systems as cold weather creeps in, but the fact is, there IS a WINTER WATERING SCHEDULE.

Whether you are using your drip system or watering by hose, you still need to be watering two times a week, and best between 11 am and 2 pm so the water can be fully absorbed in case the night brings freezing temperatures. When night/day temperature ranges reach 20's/40's you can cut back to once a week, but you still need to water and support those root systems.

We also received a shipment of Mexican yard and wall art, including these stunning Agaves plus lots of plant stands and metal tables designed for tiles.

We just got the most amazing selection of cacti that you have ever seen... and maybe some varieties that you've NEVER seen, such as the Rainbow Cactus above. We will feature some more photos further down the page but you really should come take a stroll down Cactus Avenue.

We have Claret Cup, which features brilliant red blooms, Bishop's Cap with long lasting vibrant pink blooms, pink blooming Hedegehog, and Prickly Pear, as well as lots of Ocotillos and some nice tall Yuccas.

Our talented staff has been busy keeping up the tradition of a "whole new Jericho every week", resetting our tropical greenhouse and creating stunning displays incorporating our new pottery. Come see us soon!

But SERIOUSLY, folks... the spike in Covid-19 that we are experiencing now needs to be taken seriously. No matter how tired we all may be of having to deal with it, now is not the time to get careless. Social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, and minimizing your exposure remain well advised practices!

It's now time to MULCH, and we have several different types, from pecan shells, cypress mulch and bark to enriched (half mulch, half compost), which is our favorite. It not only does a great job retaining moisture and protecting root structures from deep frosts, it's provides a great environment for roots as they continue development during the winter and come back to life in the spring. And it's quite decorative!

A lot of forecasts indicate that we could have some record COLD TEMPS this winter, and you may have plants that are marginal in their tolerance and need some extra protection. If you have figs, artichokes, oleander or palms, we have the materials and experience to guide you in giving them a much safer winter... just in case.

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