Do more than belong: participate.

Do more than care: help.

Do more than believe: practice.

Do more than be fair: be kind.

Do more than forgive: forget.

Do more than dream: work.

William Arthur Ward

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Gardening expert Richard Hobson and his wife Jennifer, Landscape Designer, have assembled an outstanding staff of experienced nursery professionals. They started Jericho Nursery in 2005.

Along with a great staff, Jericho offers the city's most versatile selection of perennial and annual color, an outstanding variety of shade and ornamental trees, fruit trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs, grasses, soils, fertilizers, pesticides, garden art and all your seasonal garden needs.

Jericho offers custom formulated selection of granular and soluble fertilizers, designed specifically for Albuquerque's alkaline soils. We also feature a tremendous plant pharmacy with a large selection of organic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides as well as a wide range of non-organic safe products to combat just about anything one might find in their garden or lawn that doesn't belong there.

We welcome hearing your ideas about improving our operations. Here's to a successful season and to you for doing your part to make Jericho the best nursery in Albuquerque, and making Albuquerque and the surrounding communities more beautiful!

To our returning employees, we send warm greetings and a big thank you for joining us for another season. We truly appreciate your experience and loyalty. To our new employees, we hope to share with you the excitement of learning your job, meeting new people, and lots of fun working with plants, trees, and flowers.

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Jericho Nursery strives to be more than just a business. Every effort we make is to create the best experience for our customers and for our employees. This means making Jericho Nursery the best place to work and play.

Mission Statement

A God given family owned company that offers an exceptional experience that hopes and works to exceed expectations through Quality, Selection, Service, and Knowledge.