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Types of Annuals

An annual is a plant that grows for an entire year and then dies. The seed usually begins to germinate in late winter or early spring. In the spring and summer, the plant grows and begins to bloom. When fall comes with the frost, the plant dies. The vibrant colors of...

Vegetable Garden Basics

Eating fresh vegetables is easier than you think. Here are some basic things you need to know about vegetable gardens. Vegetable Gardens A successful vegetable garden starts with the planning. First, choose a location that gets plenty of sun. Second, choose vegetables...

Herbs Basics

Herbs are hardy and require little maintenance. With a small amount of work, some soil, a little moisture, and sun, you can grow herbs for whatever you need ­– seasoning for a dish, protection from soil erosion, or just aesthetic looks. Planting Herbs Outdoors When...

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