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Pruning Grapevines

Pruning grapevines is an essential step to having healthy vines. Pruning should be regular to encourage new growth. There are two main methods for pruning your vines ­­– Spur and Cane pruning. Choosing the right method depends on what kind of grapevine you have...

Types of Roses

There are many different types of roses that can add an air of delicacy to any home or garden.  Below is a description of the different strains of roses. Miniature Roses Miniature roses are usually no more than 12 inches tall. They are simply the miniature version of...


Strawberries are a bright and delicious addition to any garden. Here are a few strawberry planting tips: Prep Your Garden Bed Start by choosing a place that will have plenty of sun. While strawberries will thrive in almost any soil, we advise that you add sand, peat...

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