Glad You Got to See Me

Jericho Nursery will be closed on Friday, September 15th
to Celebrate the Life of Dick Hobson

Richard “Dick” Hobson passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving family, Sunday, September 10, 2017. He was born on March 23, 1937 in Richmond, Kansas and raised in nearby Eskridge, Kansas. He is preceded in death by his parents Ray C. and Bertha E. (Riebe) Hobson and daughter Melody Lynn Hobson.

He is survived by Nancy, his wife of 43 years, his sons Rick (Jennifer) and Aaron (Diedra), his daughter, Kimberly, his grandchildren Janna, Jeffery (Elizabeth), Jacob, Joshua, Emily and Jeremiah, his brother Norman (Emily), Columbus, Ohio, sisters Marilyn Mcquay and Carol (Robert) Shumate, Topeka, Kansas and many nieces and nephews.

He served in the US Navy, Construction Battalion 11 as a Sea Bee from 1954-1958 and went on to be a nurseryman in Albuquerque, NM where he worked for Rowland Nurseries for 35 years and many years with Hines Nurseries. In his retirement, he enjoyed spending time with his family, traveling with his wife, spent countless hours in his wood shop, and was a fixture at the Los Ranchos farmer's market.

Services will be held Friday, September 15, 2017 at 11am at Daniels Family Funeral Home 9420 Fourth St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114. A celebration of life will be held from 1-4pm following the service at Jericho Nursery, 101 Alameda Blvd NW.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to MD Anderson Cancer Center or VA Voluntary Service.

so as i sit here facebook is asking whats on my mind??
as i look for the words to honor my father and the tears and pain are almost unbearable please don't be sorry
i will accept condolence (sympathy compassion comfort & understanding) So don't be sorry as we (all of we) want a celebration of his life
so please help me do that
I want sharing of good time great memories as grief comes with the pain of loss and that is to help us remember the absolute best of this man who has so much to do with who we ALL are as family and WOW that is beyond any words i could even try to express my hope is not to have been short or sound rude but to 

Rick Hobson

I've been lucky enough to be the next door neighbor to Dick and Nancy for a decade and as I think about the conversations I've had with Dick, it's become very clear that he thought more of a person's character, than their abilities. In the very first days of opening Jericho, I bought supplies to do the bookkeeping and as he sat on a stool supervising a cleaning project at the Alameda store, I said “I'm not a bookkeeper, I hope I don't screw this up”, he said “pay your bills to keep the lights on and pay your vendors on time, that's all you really need to know.” He made it sound so simple, there was nothing convoluted about him, and his moral compass was much more accurate than most folks who consider themselves religious.

The pride he had for his children and grandchildren was hard to measure, and he could easily point out the things in each of them that made them special; Jacob's work ethic and ability play an instrument, he spoke so highly of Jeffery's sense of responsibility and his success, he was always so impressed with how smart Joshua is, he thought Emily could pick herself by her boot straps even in the face of adversity, he loved Janna's thoughtfulness and how she rarely missing an opportunity to send a hand written card, and Jeremiah was pretty special to grandpa, his bacon buddy, he was so impressed with the adult he is becoming.

When it comes to Rick, Aaron and Kim, he so obviously had a pretty big hand in shaping who they are and he was so proud of who they'd become. On the occasions when I was able to be around Dick in public settings, I loved hearing him speak of his kids. I loved the smug tone to his voice when he told people he flew for free because his daughter worked for Southwest or how he told a woman at the nursery one day, that if she wanted to turn a hot water closet into a master bath to call his son Aaron and telling people at the farmer's market to bring their questions to Rick at the nursery “and tell them that Dick sent ya” and then making sure they knew there was two locations and telling them about the radio shows. He was his kid's biggest supporter.

And when it comes to me and my relationship with him as his daughter in law, he always made me feel like I was part of the family. He always told me “you're alright, Jen. I don't care what they say”

He often told me that Rick couldn't have a better person to run his business with because I knew what work was, he told me Rick's kids were lucky to have me, which really helped when I wasn't sure of the step parenting hoopla, and he told me my parents raised me right, and by this, I like to think he thought good of my character. I like to think I lived up to his expectations of being a Hobson, which I am proud to be. I will miss him and I was always glad I got to see him.

Jennifer Timms Hobson

My Grandfather was an AMAZING MAN. I will miss your stories and hearing all about your life growing up. I will miss your sense of humor that you passed on to all of us Hobson kids. You were a hard working man that always provided for your family and taught us all to work hard for what we want. You truly were a GRAND FATHER. I will miss your silly jokes and sarcasm. I am happy that "the apple don't fall far from the tree" because there is a piece of you in all of us. I'll miss you so very much Grandpa chicken but feel so very blessed to have had you in my life all of these years. Now go tell all those angels your redneck jokes and try not to get kicked out. Glad you got to see me"- Grandpa Chicken. Me too grandpa, me too!

Janna Hobson

As I sit surrounded by my family, I think of where we come from and who we are. I'm surrounded by architects, journalists, carpenters and (mostly) horticulturists, bartenders and flight attendants, who knows what things we will prove ourselves of next. When I think of why we are united this time it is because of the hardest reality of life. However, through the loss of our grandfather I saw sorrow that I had never seen before. We do not need anymore of that feeling, we must celebrate his life, honor his wisdom, and recognize his traits and character. I've seen it in all of you and his legacy will live on until the end of time. We will always see his behaviors and sayings at other family gatherings, I know I'm just as stubborn as him but I hope you all celebrate the memories with us. Thank you.

Jeremiah Hobson

Nancy it's so hard to find words in times like this and I know Dick loved you so much. One time we were at Sandia and you were getting our food when we were sitting there just chatting and Dick of course was telling me how lucky I was to be his friend and I told him that I thought Nancy was pretty darn lucky to have snagged an old coot like him and he looked me in the eye and he said "I'm actually the lucky one I could not have gone through all that I've gone through the last many years without her she has been my rock she has been my reason for getting up" and if I ever told her he said he would break my head. I never told you Nancy; I probably should have. Nancy you were his Rock he loved you so much. He was proud of you everyday, your accomplishments of everything that you did how you took care of him we all admired you for that. God bless you Nancy I hope you feel God's arms around you. I love you ~Louise

Nancy Hobson

Heaven is getting an awesome new guest today !!! My father Richard D Hobson past this morning !!! Thanks for all the lessons you have taught me !! You were a amazing man thank you !!!!!

Aaron Hobson

My Father-In-Law crossed over to the Summerland this morning. Richard Hobson, Thank you for welcoming me into your family and your life... May you Rest In Peace, and I will look after and take care of them.

Diedra Hobson

Grandpa, thank you for being there for me believing in me; but most of all thank you for loving me and helping make me the man that I am today. You taught me so much and I'll always treasure that. You always said "glad you got to see me", well I'm glad I got to see you too. Love you grandpa RIP 9-10-17

Jacob Hobson

I can't put into words how wonderful you were. I'm the luckiest girl having you as my Dad!

Kimberly Dawn Hobson

Joshua Hobson

Emily Hobson

Jeffery Hobson