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Fall is for Planting… and we GUARANTEE it!

We just brought in a HUGE order of fruit trees and shade trees, locally grown in Corrales and another shipment of crape myrtles and other plants from California. We’re still bringing in perennials, and we have a great selection of current stock perennials deeply discounted. They aren’t so pretty now, but they would love to winter in your yard and amaze you in the Spring!

FALL is a much better time for transplanting than Spring. You don’t have the Spring winds and Summer heat, and our Albuquerque climate is mild enough that roots grow and develop all Winter long. Watering isn’t quite as critical – you can miss a watering and not kill a plant. Don’t try that in June or July! 

We SO STRONGLY believe in compost and root stimulator that we TRIPLE OUR WARRANTY on your plants when you buy and use these products. Our 30 day warranty is TRIPLED TO 90 DAYS when you buy and use these products in September, October, and November. If you buy a deciduous tree that would still be dormant when the 90 days is up, we guarantee that tree will leaf out in Spring (April/May).

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Crape Myrtles and MORE just in from California!



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