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Here is a preview of our LOCALLY GROWN 2013 Rose portfolio!  We estimate arrival in mid April, subject to weather conditions.  BE SURE YOU ARE ON OUR NEWSLETTER LIST so you will be UPDATED!  (Subscription form in right column ->)

f:floribunda    t:hybrid tea   g:grandiflora   s:shrub   r:rugosa
gc:ground cover   CL:climber  mini:mini-rose   tree:grafted on 36” tall root stock


ABRAHAM DARBY apricot & yellow tinted with pink, strong fruity fragrance

AMBRIDGE ROSE apricot/peach/orange/copper, strong fragrance

BENJAMIN BRITTEN red with touch of orange, strong fruity fragrance

CHARLOTTE soft yellow, strong fragrance

CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE intense orange-red paling to salmon pink, strong tea rose fragrance

CROWN PRINCESS MARGARETA O/R apricot orange, strong fruity fragrance

EGLANTYNE light pink, strong old rose fragrance

FALSTAFF red/crimson, strong old rose fragrance

GERTRUDE JEKYLL deep pink, strong old rose fragrance

GLAMIS CASTLE white/cream, myrrh fragrance

GRAHAM THOMAS yellow, strong tea fragrance

JUDE THE OBSCURE medium yellow, strong fruity fragrance

LADY OF SHALOTT O/R rich orange-red, light tea rose fragrance

MUNSTEAD WOOD crimson, strong old rose/fruity fragrance

PAT AUSTIN copper, strong tea rose fragrance

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF KENT pink, strong tea rose fragrance

QUEEN OF SWEDEN soft pink, medium fragrance

SCEPTER’D ISLE soft pink, strong myrrh fragrance

ST SWITHUN medium pink, strong myrrh fragrance

TAMORA apricot, strong fragrance

TEASING GEORGIA O/R yellows, medium-strong tea rose fragrance

THE ALNWICK ROSE soft pink, strong old rose fragrance

THE DARK LADY red/crimson, medium fragrance

WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL white, strong old rose fragrance

WISLEY 2008 soft pink, medium fragrance

WOLLERTON OLD HALL cream/butter yellow, strong myrrh fragrance

YOUNG LYCIDAS magenta/pink/red, strong tea/old rose fragrance


ANGEL FACE f lavender, fragrant

BELINDAS DREAM O/R f medium pink, moderate fragrance

BRANDY t apricot, mild tea fragrance

BRILLIANT PINK ICEBERG O/R f pink blend, mild honey fragrance

BULL’S EYE O/R s ivory w/ cranberry eye, moderate fragrance

BURGUNDY ICEBERG O/R f burgundy/cream reverse, mild fragrance

CAPE DIAMOND O/R s pink, spicy fragrance

CAREFREE SPIRIT O/R s red w/ white eye, slight fragrance

CAREFREE WONDER O/R s pink w/ white eye and cream reverse, light fragrance

CH-CHING g lemon yellow, strong fragrance

CHAMPLAIN O/R s red, slight fragrance

CHERRY PARFAIT g white edged red, light fragrance

CHIHULY f multicolor sunset, mild tea fragrance

CINCO DE MAYO O/R f smoky lavender/red/orange blend, moderate fragrance

CRIMSON BOUQUET g velvet red, slight fragrance

DAY BREAKER f pastel peach/yellow, mild fruity fragrance

DICK CLARK g cream/cherry blushed burgundy, moderate spice fragrance

DISTANT DRUMS f tan washing to pink, moderate myrrh fragrance

DOUBLE DELIGHT t cream blushing red, strong fragrance

DOUBLE KNOCK OUT O/R s deep pink/light red, no fragrance

DREAM COME TRUE g golden yellow/ruby blush & edge, mild tea fragrance

DROP DEAD RED f red velvet, mild tea fragrance

EASY GOING O/R f peach/golden yellow, moderate fragrance

EBB TIDE f deep plum purple, strong spicy fragrance

EUROPEANA f dark velvet red, light tea fragrance

GEMINI t cream/coral pink blush, mild fragrance

GINGERSNAP f brilliant yellow/orange blend, mild fragrance

GOLD MEDAL g golden yellow/orange hints, rich fruity fragrance

GRANDE DAME t dark rose pink, strong old rose fragrance

HOME RUN O/R s flame red, slight fragrance

HOPE FOR HUMANITY O/R s velvet dark red, mild fragrance

HOT COCOA O/R f chocolate orange, moderate old rose fragrance

ICEBERG O/R f white, mild honey fragrance

IN THE MOOD t vivid true red, mild tea fragrance

JULIA CHILD O/R f butter gold, strong licorice fragrance

KETCHUP AND MUSTARD f red/yellow reverse, mild fragrance

KNOCK OUT O/R s light red/deep pink, light tea fragrance

KOKO LOKO f tan changing to lavender, moderate fragrance

LADY ELSIE MAY O/R s coral pink, light fragrance

LASTING LOVE t dusky red, rich pure rose fragrance

LAVA FLOW f deep dark red, light fragrance

LINDA CAMPBELL O/R r bright red, slight fragrance

MARDI GRAS f yellow/orange/pink blends, mild spicy fragrance

MEMORIAL DAY t orchid pink, strong damask rose fragrance

MISS ALL AMERICAN BEAUTY t deep hot pink, strong rose fragrance

MOONDANCE f creamy white, light raspberry fragrance

NEARLY WILD O/R s medium pink, slight fragrance

OCTOBERFEST t blended autumn colors, moderate fruity fragrance

OLYMPIAD t bright red, light fruity fragrance

OPENING NIGHT t bright red, slight fragrance

OUTTA THE BLUE O/R s magenta/lavender blue, strong clove and rose fragrance

OVER THE MOON t warm apricot, moderate fruity fragrance

PARTY HARDY O/R s deep pink/lighter reverse, mild apple fragrance

PUMPKIN PATCH f autumnal orange, moderate fruity fragrance

QUEEN ELIZABETH g pink, moderate tea fragrance

RASPBERRY BLANKET O/R gc fuchsia pink, slight fragrance

RED RIBBONS O/R gc bright red, light fragrance

RIO SAMBA t yellow/blushed orange, light fragrance

SCENTIMENTAL f red swirled w/ creamy white, strong spicy fragrance

SPARKLE & SHINE O/R f clear yellow, moderate fruity fragrance

SUMMER LOVE t bright soft yellow, mild sweet fragrance

SUNSHINE DAYDREAM g pale yellow, no fragrance

SUNSPRITE f deep yellow, strong licorice fragrance

SWEET VIGOROSA O/R gc lavender pink w/ white eye, light fragrance

TAHITIAN SUNSET t apricot/yellow blushed pink, strong fruit and rose fragrance

THERESE BUGNET O/R r lilac pink, moderate spicy fragrance

TIFFANY t pink w/ yellow base, strong fruity fragrance

TOPSY TURVY f scarlet/ white reverse, mild apple fragrance

TOUCH OF CLASS t coral pink, slight tea fragrance

WATERCOLORS O/R s ever-changing yellows/blushing pinks, moderate apple fragrance

WHITE LICORICE f lemon cream, strong lemon/licorice fragrance

YABBA DABBA DOO O/R s orange-pink w/ yellow eye, mild fragrance

BLAZE IMPROVED CL O/R red, light tea rose fragrance

CANDY LAND CL rosy pink w/yellow stripes, moderate fragrance

DUBLIN BAY CL red, moderate fruity fragrance

FOURTH OF JULY CL red w/white stripes, apple/sweet rose fragrance

GOLDEN SHOWERS CL bright yellow, moderate licorice fragrance

JACOB’S ROBE CL ever-changing yellow blushing pink/red, moderate spicy fragrance

NEW DAWN CL O/R pink, sweet rose fragrance

NIGHT OWL CL wine purple, moderate spicy fragrance

VALENTINE’S DAY CL deep velvet red, slight fragrance

ALL A’TWITTER MINI O/R brilliant orange, light fragrance

COFFEE BEAN MINI O/R rusty orange, mild tea fragrance

DIAMOND EYES MINI O/R black purple w/ white eye

RAINBOW’S END MINI O/R deep yellow blushing orange-red,mild fragrance

RUBY RUBY MINI O/R cherry red, light fragrance

SMOKE RINGS MINI O/R melon orange w/ darker edges, slight fragrance

TEENY BOPPER MINI O/R scarlet w/ white reverse & eye, light fragrance

TIDDLY WINKS MINI O/R orange-pink w/ yellow eye, slight fragrance

BURGUNDY ICEBERG TREE f burgundy/cream reverse, light fragrance

CINCO DE MAYO TREE f smoky lavender/red/orange blend, moderate fragrance

EBB TIDE TREE f deep plum purple, strong spicy fragrance

FALLING IN LOVE TREE t pink w/cream reverse, strong fruity rose fragrance

GRANDE DAME TREE t dark rose pink, strong old rose fragrance

ICEBERG TREE f white, mild honey fragrance

LASTING LOVE TREE t dusky red, rich pure rose fragrance

LEGENDS TREE t ruby red, moderate fruity fragrance

LET FREEDOM RING TREE t strawberry red, slight tea rose fragrance

RASPBERRY BLANKET TREE gc fuchsia pink, slight fragrance

RED RIBBONS TREE gc bright red, light fragrance


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